Monday, December 22, 2014

Spring 2015 Cross Regional Courses:

The following courses are taught through audio (calling into class by telephone and using a UAF website called Blackboard for assignments and some course materials.)
Special Requirements: Blackboard, computer, internet
Textbooks can be ordered from the CRCD Bookstore.

HUMS F101 Introduction to Human Services   CRN:39427
3 Credits        M/W 10:30am-12p Late Start Date: February 16, 2015 
Lara Hensley Garno

Provides an overview and orientation for individuals who have either started or are exploring human service careers. Designed for entry level behavioral health providers with an emphasis in understanding social service systems in rural and frontier Alaska. Learners will consider the theoretical foundations of the helping process both personal and external-driven while setting a career path that builds on individual strengths. Students should come away knowing their current worker competencies and those yet to be developed. Recommended: Should be taken within the first academic year when possible. Strongly encourage students to be accepted into the Human Services Degree Program.
Special Requirements: Blackboard, computer, internet
Textbook: Introduction to Human Services, Woodside 7th Ed. (previous editions acceptable)

HUMS F105 Personal Awareness and Growth  CRN: 39428
3 Credits MW 12p-1pm Late Start Date: February 16, 2015
Amy Stephens
Interpersonal and intrapersonal communication explored. Personal growth process presented from a holistic perspective. Focus will identify opportunities for personal enrichment through increased awareness of self and others.
Special Requirements: Blackboard, computer, internet
Textbook: I Never Knew I Had A Choice, Corey 10th Edition 

HUMS F205 Basic Group Counseling   CRN: 39429
3 Credits TR 8:50am-10:20am  Late Start Date: February 17, 2015
Lara Hensley Garno
Concepts and techniques of working with small groups, including establishing group goals, effective group interaction, termination and evaluation. Development of therapeutic group activities presented.
Special Requirements: Blackboard, computer, internet
Textbook: Groups: Process and Practice, Corey 8th Edition (previous editions acceptable)

HUMS F290 Case Management   CRN: 39871
3 Credits MW 8:50-10:20am Late Start Date: February 16, 2015
Lara Hensley Garno

Challenge and broaden students' understanding, thinking and conceptualizing of case management. Investigate the case management model emphasizing its useful application to various client groups with an emphasis on Alaska and rural communities. The different roles and aspects of effective case management will be explored and students will practice case management skills both at the individual level and as part of an interdisciplinary team. The role of the community in supporting such efforts as well in providing resources such as natural supports will be emphasized. Use of and knowledge of local, regional and statewide and national resources will be highlighted. Several specific functions of case management will be specifically emphasized, including that of advocate and broker. Prerequisite: HUMS F101; HUMS F102; or departmental approval.

HUMS F305 Substance Abuse Counseling   CRN: 39430
3 Credits TR 10:30am-12pm Late Start Date: February 17, 2015
Lara Hensley Garno
Introduction to the basic principles of substance abuse counseling. Application of counseling modalities to intervention and treatment of individuals, families and groups experiencing alcohol and drug abuse or dependence. Cross-cultural issues addressed. Prerequisites: HUMS F125.
Special Requirements: Blackboard, computer, internet
Textbook: Substance Abuse Counseling, Lewis 5th Edition (previous editions acceptable)